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I think that I may be able to complete the national Pokedex but I'm trying to figure out whether to get HG or SS.
*without events or trading with another game (event exclusive Pokemon and Pokemon that evolve by trade don't count, because I already know every one of those)

that would be to long to list my friend, I can state the legendary Pokemon based on pearl version though.
regi rock and steel
and simply all legendary and mythical Pokemon introduced prior to gen 4, event exclusive Pokemon require cheating to obtain so you can add in arceus, darkrai, shamin and manaphy (that means phione to)
i heard that  you can get regice in [mount coronet][1] in iceberge ruins but I do not know if there is a special way or you can just stroll in.
im sorry that I cannot tell you the non legendary list but I suspect that bulbapedia would hold such info, maybe chack them out.

  [1]: http://pokemondb.net/location/sinnoh-mt-coronet
I know that Regice, Regirock, and Registeel are obtainable if the player has a regigigas caught in a cherish ball.
btw you could have just answered. nobody likes long comments.
i know but i only part answered the question, and i dont want it to end up like last time.

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This should help :)

(Edit: Tenebrae has informed me that Mewtwo,and the three legendary beasts are available post game,Thanks Tenebrae :) )

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there's no burned tower in Platinum.
disregard what i said i was thinking SS/HG >.>
so can you just hide all your comments about Mewtwo in Platinum now?