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I need to find it because I want my Zangoose to have a good moveset. For the moveset I want 1 fire type move.

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it is found at route 8,,
also if you need other locations..
hope this helps

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Where to find tm facade in pokemon white......

You can find it on Route 8.

Here's a video :


Sources(s) :


As for a Move set :

Try this....

Zangoose (M) @ Life Orb/Leftovers/ Chesto Berry

Trait : Toxic Boost

Moves :

  • Facade
  • Close Combat/ Crush Claw/ Brick Break/ Any other move of your choice
  • Hone Claws/ Swords Dance
  • Rest

Just try and poison this thing !!
Toxic Boost + Facade + 115 Base Attack = Ownage

Rest is when HP is low and to cure poisoning.

S Dance/ H Claws for stat(s) boosting

Rest is for coverage.......

Or else you may want one from here :

Hope This Helps :)

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Make sure you have some AWAKENINGS if your going to use REST so oftin.

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If you're too lazy to watch it, the parasol lady in the puddle to the left of where you fought Bianca.

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