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please give me a list,including where or how to get it.
i asked this because on gen 3 games (which i played the most before) the max that i sold was 4,900 so i was wondering if gen 5 also had a maximum refund of 4,900.


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in gen 5 there are items you can trade with collectors which give you much more money...
the link for the list is: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/collectors.shtml

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These things give the most money in the game when traded to the Maniac in Undella Town. The most expensive, THE (as in just one) Relic Crown, gives you $300,000!! The cheapest, Relic Copper, gives you $1,000 each.

Relics From Abyssal Ruins

P.S. Here is a Map of the Abyssal Ruins
Map of Abyssal Ruins

P.S.S. You also get 14 of Arceus' 16 plates here.
Arceus Plates 14 of 16