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According to Wikipedia, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl has sold the most at 17.39 million copies.

That is a lot of games!!

you can never trust wikipedia as it can be edited by anybody just for your future answers
Nonsense, Wikipedia is very reliable. All you need to do is be smart about things.
i was taught by my schools all my life to never trust it and i stop after i found something complete impossible
Everything you can learn in school is cheating...
Wikipedia even provide referance.
plus for every article theres a discussion thingy so if somebody made a dick mistake they will catch it and change it to right info
on wikipedia some stuff is wrong but most pages have not been edited and you have to get a certain amount of starrs i think to actualy edit i think you need at least four to stop noobs editing pages for no reason
He's right i checked my Guinness world record  book 2012 Gamer's edion.