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None but I'd you do a glitch to get a Pokémon or something it may glitch up. So if you leave the game and play it normally then it will never "glitch up".

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Well there is no "most likely".
Gen 1 has the most glitches, however.

corect gen 1 had lots of glitches i heard from  a video
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There are no games than will ever glitch, unless you treat them in an abnormal way. No game is more likely. If you don't treat your games like they were designed to be treated, you will regret it. One of my suggestions is to never use ROM-games loaded up on memory chips such as R4 or Edge. Youare only making it worse by using cheats or ActionReplay codes. And never open up a Game Card or Game Pak.

I use AR a couple times and it never 'glitched' me.
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Your best (and easiest) way of glitching your game is, on R/B/Y, if you talk to the dude in viridian city who catches a Weedle, then IMMEDIATELY Fly to Cinnibar Island and surf along the right coast of the island. Soon a glitch Pokemon called Missingno will show up and give you a glitched amount of the sixth item in your bag.
Also, in Gen 3, there is a small chance that your game will freeze when you use Thunderbolt, Thunder, or run from a wild battle. This is hard to avoid, but it's extremely rare. It's one of the only glitches where you don't have to do something weird to activate it.