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No, you cannot trade from Gen IV to Gen V.
Gen IV (HG/SS/D/P/Platinum
Gen V (White/Black)

If you want to get your Pokemon from Gen IV to Gen V then you must first complete the main story and continue on to the PokeTransfer where you will need two DS/DSi/DSi XL/ 3DS and you can trade via that way by trying to catch the Pokemon you chose in a minigame.

PokeTransfer is on Route 15. I believe it should be the left route of Black City/White Forest.

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Yes, you phrased it exactly right. There's a thing called Poke-Transfer on Route 14, where you can transfer POkemon from Gen 4 to Gen 5 only one-way. Items cannot be transferred.So, there it is! Hope this helps!

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