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P.S. this is for GEN 4
P.P.S. Why is the sky blue? lol

The sky is blue because of the refections of objects reflecting on the Earth's atmosphere from space (the Sun), and these effects can change during time. Without the sun it would be dark in the day. So these chemicals create the blue sky. It's actually a lot more technical than that, but obviously I can't go posting a load of mumbo-jumbo that no-one will understand.
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Simple ways to connect with others:

  • Via the wireless connection system. You don't need any plugins or extentions for this - so long as wireless is allowed (Settings @ DSi/3DS). This allows you to fight/trade with players in a short range of distance.
  • Via the Internet. Wi-Fi or other wireless connection methods are required for this to work which can all be set up in Settings. This allows you to trade/battle globally, with a compatible modem/router. You can connect with people on the other side of the world with this.

See my comment above for your second question. It isn't allowed here so it's not in the answer, but a comment.

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how do you get pokemon online?

plus, you didnt answer my second question
I commented on your question for the second question as it's not Pokemon & it's against the rules, and PO is here > http://pokemon-online.eu/download
does it cost $?
Nah, it's free. And it has no viruses, if you're going to ask.
thanks youda best!
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