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Example: Turn one Person sends out Abomasnow activating snow warning the other person sends out Froslass. Then Froslass uses Hail.

My question is: Will the Hailstorm now only last 5 turns? Or will it just fail or not effect the weather at all?

I know that when the weather is activated by a move and someone sends out a Pokemon with the ability to make that weather causes it to be permanent. Example: A person has their Flareon use Sunny-day and the opponent sends out Ninetales and it makes the Sun permanent unless someone changes it.

But does it work in reverse? Can I make permanent weather temporary?


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If there is already a weather condition, then using a move for the same weather condition (i.e. Hail during a hailstorm) will fail. You can use a different move of course (e.g. Rain Dance), then that second weather will last for only 5 turns.

Also, I wasn't aware that bringing out a perma-weather Pokemon during temporary weather makes it permanent, that's interesting.
Thanks :)