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So, I just got owned by GiraBOSStina on World Abyss Pit in Explorers of Time. (despite the fact I was a RAYQUAZA!) It has never occured to me......they have IMPOSSIBLE amounts of HP! For example, I could Dragon Claw Giratina and It'd take like 274 damage and it'd still be alive, but when I'd recruit it it'd only have, let's say,128? What did the makers do this time to make them crazy hard!? How much is it supposed to have in the boss fight in World Abyss? And what level is it? Over 100, I'm guessing, or more?


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The Boss has that much HP because it's a boss. You think beating Darkrai is going to be easy? Also, it changes when you recruit it because running around with a Dialga at 750 HP just is too easy.

It's a level 48, and as a Boss has 750 HP, I believe.

haha, that makes total sense. i laughed at the part with the Dialga and 750 hp XD *thumbs up*