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In Pokemon X, if I increase a Pokemons HP through e.v. training, they will have more HP. (Duh).
So does that mean because they have more HP, recoil damage, in turn, will effectively deals less damage? Because they have an increased amount of HP to "soften the blow"?
Or will it just take away an increased amount of HP?


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No it just has more HP. recoil damage goes down by the same amount so it may seem like less but no.

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For most recoil moves, the amount of recoil damage is proportional to the damage dealt (the exact proportion varying between moves);

For example, wood hammer's recoil is always damage / 3. If it deals 240, 241, or 242 damage, then your recoil is 80 damage. 241 to 320 HP lets you use 4 wood hammers, 321 to 400 HP lets you use 5 wood hammers, etc. I'm pretty sure the only exceptions are struggle, mind blown, and steel beam.