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Basically, if I used like flare blitz, would I do damage to the opponent first or would I get hurt first.


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Recoil damage is dealt after damage to the opponent. If you KO your opponent with a recoil move and KO yourself via recoil, the opponent will be knocked out first.

Source: experience

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You lose the battle due to recoil KOing, but the opponent is *technically* KOed first, even though it says otherwise.
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Moves that have recoil are damage-dealing moves that cause the user to take damage after being used.

So it does damage before the recoil takes place.

Source: Bulbapedia and a lot of experience

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The only moves where self-damage occurs prior to the opponent's damage are Mind Blown, Steel Beam, Selfdestruct, Explosion, Misty Explosion, and Final Gambit.

I'm pretty sure self-destruct, explosion, final gambit, and misty explosion don't count as recoil because rock head and magic guard don't prevent their user from fainting.
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Your opponent is hurt first
Source: experience

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You do damage first.
Source: Experience.

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