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Maybe Head Smash against Blissey?

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If Pikachu with minimal HP holding Light Ball used Volt Tackle on Blissey with minimal Defence and HP and got a critical hit, it could probably K.O itself.

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This video proves that yes you can OHKO yourself with recoil.


Another situation-http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ubers-151626472

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Yes if the recoil is higer then their HP.

For example:
A Pokémon has 100 health(full health) and his attack does 220 damage and the attack has 50% recoil. Which means that the recoildamage is 110. So it would KO itself at full health.

make a situation and double edge shedninja isn't a answer -.-
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252+ Atk Aegislash-Blade Head Smash vs. 252 HP / 0+ Def Blissey: 770-906 (107.8 - 126.8%)--Guaranteed OHKO

So yes, it is possible, if Aegislash had 0 HP IVs, because Blissey has a max HP stat of 714, and Aegislash blade has 293 HP, and Head Smash does exactly half the damage dealt.

Hope I helped!