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Like the moves:

  • Bullet Punch
  • Extreme-speed
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By priority moves I am assuming you mean offensive priority moves not including Fake-out(as that can only hit when you switch in). However if you do count Fake out all 3 Hitmons can learn it.

Hitmonlee and Hitmontop have: Vacuum-wave, Bullet-punch, Mach-punch, and Sucker-punch
Hitmonchan has: Vacuum-wave, Bullet-punch, and Mach-punch
Lucario has: Vacuum-wave, Quick-attack, Bullet-punch, and Extreme-speed
Scizor has: Bullet-punch, Quick-attack, and Vacuum-wave

So yeah these guys have the most Priority moves that I could find. So only Hitmontop/lee and Lucario can have a full set of priority(though Vacuum wave is not a very good move on the Hitmons and Quick-attack is redunant on Lucario because of Extreme speed). Ironically Hitmonchan can not learn Sucker-punch lol. If anyone knows of another Pokemon with 3-4 Priority moves please comment.

Note: I did not count Smeargle who is obvious.

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Add Lucario he can learn bullet punch, quickattack, vacuum wave and another attack that I cat think of at the moment
I already had Lucario in there, but forgot quick attack thanks, that other move is Extreme-speed.