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Umm no, the only one with higher priority is Helping Hand which has no power

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No, the only move that has higher priority than Protect is Helping Hand, which is a status move.

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If an HP draining move with priority was ever introduced, then a Pokémon with the ability Triage would make it at least on par with Protect’s priority. Although, as of now, no such move exists.
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There is a damaging move which has priority higher than Protect. It is Pursuit (When opponent is about to switch). It has a priority of +7 whereas Protect only has +4. Since this is only valid at a specific time, Protect still lingers in it's place.

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I don't know what do you mean, technically it has a priority of +7. Also, I didn't say that opponent can use Protect and switch.
I know, but I was basically only asking in case there was a move that goes before the opponent protects lol I wasn't saying that you said anything incorrect :P
See the question again, you didn't ask about that! You just enquired for a DAMAGING move that has priority higher than Protect.
Um yes I know I was just disappointed that the only damaging move with a higher priority than Protect is one that activates when the opponent switches.
This makes more sense than others!!! If I was wrong, do I get comparatively high vote?