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Okay, I am on a journey for the first time to obtain ALL 493 Pokemon in HG/SS. Well, I was looking in Ilex Forest for a Psyduck. I used the SuperRod on the water at the ending of the forest and my Pokemon that was walking with me, an Arbok, had an exclamation mark above his head? I know if it was above my character then it means that there is a Pokemon in the water, its the same with the Pokemon too. Why is this?


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Because they are surprised as you to find a pokemon.This is the logic.Do you know how to fish ? If you don't i will tell you.When the exclamation mark appear you just press the A bouton and you battle the pokemon which you have caught it with the rod .

No, I know how to fish I was just wondering why it done this! I know how to fish.
Ok but someone maybe don't know