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I was looking up how to get the rods in heart gold, and I got that good rod was in olivine city. I knew that, but it said that the super rod was on route 12 in Kanto. Im pretty sure it is, but I also remember seeing it somewhere else. Cant you get it in the lake of rage? Thats where I always got it.


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Nope, you cannot get the Super Rod anywhere else other than Route 12 in Kanto in HeartGold.

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??? i could have sworn i got the super rod in the lake of rage. Can someone try it out? I think you have to do it before fighting gyarados maybe.
Which comes first in the story, the lake of rage or olovine city (It's been so long since I played HG)
Olivine comes first, I just finished a nuzlocke of HG (snff snff RIP Warrior Bird)
Okay then
Don't you normally get the super rod post game in most games?
What about Emerald? Besides, you get the good rod in Olivine. Also Fire red? XY? (Im just saying you can get the super rod in-game in all of these games)
I was wondering because if the lake of rage comes before olivine then you definitely wouldn't get the super rod at the lake of rage because the good rod is always obtainable before the super rod.