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Sorry for this kind of question, I'm terrible at calcs.

What would do more, a Haxorus, Jolly Max Attack using Earthquake, or a Garchomp, Jolly Max Attack using Earthquake?

EDIT: Could I get Calcs on a Max Def Max HP Ferrothorn? (Just for a reference)
EDIT 2: Thanks for the explanation Rio, got all the info I need.

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Just a quick thing:
Garchomp: Has stab, but has 130 Atk stat.
Haxorus: Has an extra 17 Atk stat (147), but no stab.

So it all comes down to how much stab adds.
50% more of a bonus (according to Josh), so

The winner is Garchomp!
Your welcome! Just thought it might not be enough of an answer to but it as an answer.

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Garchomp would. He gets STAB from it. Haxorus may have a higher attack stat but with STAB Garchomp would hit harder.