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Something like Mamoswine, rhyperior,magnezone, roserade etc.
There are magnetons in kanto region,piloswines in johto region,rhydons in kanto region,roselia in hoenn etc. So does that mean that there can be a magnezone in kanto region,mamoswine in johto region, rhyperior in kanto, roserade in hoenn region? Because they will evolve someday,they cant just stay in their forms forever. And Im talking about the anime.
Also keep in mind that there was a weavile in the hoenn region in the anime.

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In the anime, sure they can evolve. They obviously didn't have something for them before, but they aren't completely limited once they make new ones. That said, they probably won't show a lot of the older pokemon since the anime's goal is to market the new pokemon for the newer games.

Take May's Glaceon for instance. In the normal hoenn arc, it wouldn't be able to evolve into Glaceon or Leafeon, but after she reappears in a fanservice episode, it shows that she travelled around the area, and her glaceon evolved while in Sinnoh.

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