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Ok I am really curious about this .why ash's pikachu was a pikachu when ash met him for the first time? I mean why he wasn't a pichu ?is this means that he was at least 26lvl ?what was this kind of pokeball pikachu was in ,back in Oak's lab ?

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Pichu did not exist until Gen II, so that would be impossible. If you are asking why wasn't Pichu a part of Gen I, Maybe the idea of baby Pokemon came later on. Or maybe Professor
Oak could not find a Light Ball.

Level 26?? Pichu evolves into Pikachu when he has maximum happiness. Pikachu could have been Level 2. However, this is irrelevent because there are no such things as Levels in the anime.

As for the ball, it just looks like a Pokeball with a sticker on it. Maybe to identify it as the one containig Pikachu. There is nothing about it online, this was just my guess.

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Maybe this symbol it's a seal .
Then other people of the time would have used it. Seals did not see use for ALOT later.
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Just to show the Pokeball and how it is not that different from a regular one. i actually cropped it a bit.
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if pokemons in the anime DID have levels pikachu would be level 6
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I will answer.There wasnt a pichu in gen1,there was only a pikachu.So oak gave him a pikachu.Pokemon levels dont exist in the anime.So it could have been any level.Pikachu was in a standard pokeball.

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Well in HG/SS, you can catch a level 3-7 Pikachu. So I assuming Prof. Oak caught one at level 5 and gave it to Ash.

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In anime there are no levels.
Not in the anime. Get your facts right.
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Levels don't exist in the anime -___-
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