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I think it would be kind of cool if every Pokémon in the game had their anime cries, but why only Pikachu?


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While the exact answer is unknown, the reason is probably

Because it's Pikachu.

Pikachu is, in the eyes of many, the most iconic Pokémon. It make sense, because he's the mascot. Pikachu gets a lot of special treatment (getting in Pokkén twice, having its own game, etc.) and the anime cry for Pikachu is something that can connect with Pokémon fans of all levels.

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Yeah, that makes sense. Do you think they will ever add all of the other Pokémon's cries in a later game?
Doubtful. Its seems like too much work, and pikachu only got it because he's pikachu.
Mewtwo was in Pokken twice

but the shadow one was from Smash D:
How do you make text larger though?