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Does it ever show a move for the lead Pokemon as doing more damage than the HP of the foe? Because I know my Pikachu's Thunderbolt +1 is more powerful than 47 against a Smeargle in Foggy Forest when I am at level 31 especially when my Mudkip of lower special attack does 119 damage with a non-critical hit Water Gun.

And no, my Special Attack was not hindered in any way nor Mudkip's helped.

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Strange. But yes it does display more damage than a Pokemon's HP if you hit hard enough, I have done it many times Example: lvl 50 Sceptile uses Energy ball on lvl 8 Wooper will do WAY more than the HP that Wooper has so lets say the Wooper has 30 Hp and the move does 120, it will display as 120. Source: Personal experience.

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yep.  scenario: lv 50 skitty (me.) used tackle on wurmple. wurmple took 879 damage.  Think its gonna have that much hp?