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  1. Can in bag items stack? For example, will having two Tort-Claws add more power to a Torterra than just one? Or will the second Tort-Claw not activate?

  2. Can the Ginseng be stacked on one move? So would I be able to get a Thunderbolt +2 (am I playing D&D or something? Hmmmmm, actually, this does have some similar aspects. But then again, so do all RPG games.) Or would I just be able to get a Thunderbolt +1. I could test this myself, but I would rather not have a Ginseng be wasted, as they are fairly rare items at this point in the game.


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  1. No it will not. Source: Personal Experience with 2 Gible Fangs.

  2. Yes, it does. I saw someone in Sky Stairway on Youtube and they had Flamethrower +6 when they used it on Rayquaza (How dumb is that?), I think. (They were probably cheating :P)

Since you were wondering about stacking in this game, I got my question answered about multiple Friend Bows/Golden Masks/Amber Tears held by different party members. Guess what? Those stack too! :D

CORRECTION: These last items DO NOT stack. Sorry about that.

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