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i am only up to nacrene city and have not beaten the gym leader so how can i get a steel type in pokemon white version. Must i wait until the end of the game or can i get one now.


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You can obtain Pokemon that evolve into Steel Types early in the Game. Drilbur, evolving into Excadrill(Ground-Steel), which can be obtained in the WellSpring Cave whenever you see Dustclouds rolling in. If you want to catch a Steel Type that requires no Evolution, then you need to wait until you have unlocked Chargestone Cave, in which Ferroseed(Grass-Steel), and Klink(Steel) can be captured.

Other mentions include Karrablast, that can be obtained before Chargestone Cave and evolve into Escavalier(Bug-Steel) through a Specific Trade. Durant(Bug-Steel) can be obtained in Victory Road, if you are willing to wait that long.

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As of Nacrene City, there are NO wild Steel-Types. The first Steel-Type won't be until Chargestone Cave, which contain Klink (Steel) & Ferroseed (Grass/Steel)

For more info on Klink: Bulbapedia-Klink
For more info on Ferroseed: Bulbapedia-Ferroseed

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there in chargestone cave is a ferroseed and ferroseed is a meatal type or steel type