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I have a curious little experiment in mind; what happens when a Steel type becomes a Water type via Soak and is thus no longer immune to being poisoned during an in-game battle?

Does it lose the poison status at the end of the battle (since it's no longer a Water type by then) or does it remain poisoned until taken to a Pokemon Center?

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>Although difficult, it is possible for Steel and Poison-type Pokémon to be poisoned. In Generation II, the move Twineedle could poison Steel-type Pokémon; however, this was removed in future Generations. A Poison or Steel-type Pokémon can be poisoned if its type is changed through a move like Soak, is then poisoned and switched out. When the Pokémon is sent out again, the poison status will remain even though the Pokémon's type has changed back to Poison or Steel. Also, poisoned Pokémon who evolve into a Poison- or Steel-type Pokémon, such as Cascoon evolving into Dustox, will keep the poisoned status after evolving.


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Yes. Soak would allow steel types to be poisoned since they are now water and not steel. Also if they switch out and back in they will remained poisoned cause steel only protects against it, not cure it.

(have to scroll a little bit)

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Yes it would

Although I wouldn't recommend it, any experienced player would switch when you did, unless they could KO you.

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