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Whats the secret behind Giragarig's tail's head?

Is it just for a protection thing?
Is it an important aspect of the Girafarig trademark?
Whats the story behind ' the head on the rump on the tail of a Girafarig I found at the edge of the Safari Zone ' ? (BTW, that was a futurama sentence. The real one is "Look! There's a toad on the on the rump of the snail on the bump of a log that I found at the bottom of the sea (or something like that))


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I don't think there's much of a story but I found this on bulbapedia -

The rear head attacks in response to smells and sounds. Approaching this Pokémon from behind can cause the rear head to suddenly lash out and bite. While Girafarig sleeps, the head on its rear keeps watch, as it does not need to sleep. While Girafarig is eating, its tail makes chewing and swallowing motions as if it were also eating.

I think this answers your question ;)

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