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I've looked at several guides and none list Leppa Berry as a possible berry you can find in the Dream World. So is it possible to find one there? Do Nintendo just not want people growing them or something?

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No, you can't.
The only berries you are able to obtain are these

Pleasant Forest
Cheri Berry
Pecha Berry
Oran Berry
Sitrus Berry
Figy Berry

Windswept Sky
Aguav Berry
Aspear Berry
Grepa Berry
Hondew Berry
Iapapa Berry
Kelpsy Berry
Persim Berry
Pomeg Berry
Qualot Berry
Tamato Berry

Sparkling Sea
Chesto Berry
Pamtre Berry
Wiki Berry

Spooky Manor
Bluk Berry
Lum Berry
Nanab Berry
Razz Berry

Rugged Mountain
Cornn Berry
Magost Berry
Pinap Berry
Wepear Berry

Pokémon Cafe Forest
Lum Berry

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