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Lugia's level 70, and Aeroblast always gets it down to red HP, but my ultra balls just wont catch!. Dusk balls won't work 'cause of Drought. Any tips?

PS, I am fighting Groudon right now!


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Try to get a Pokemon with the ability Cloud Nine or anything else that eliminates the weather. Also go at night. Try to make it fall asleep, but whatever you do do not use a status problem like burn, or poison or anything that will hurt it, just use sleep and parlyzing effects, also I recommend using a Heavy Ball which you can get by giving Kurt the Pokeball Maker a Black Apricorn or also use Timers Balls which you can only get from the Goldenrod Department Store up on the top floor with the lottery.
And of course get it down to red HP.
Hope this helps!

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Well MegeGrievous u can make the fall asleep,burn,etc. then use the Ultra Balls because if the pokemon has a Status problem, the pokemon is easier to catch.

Hope this helps =P

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Try a timer ball if you have any. Also, try to get it asleep/paralyzed, that will help. Don't get it burned/confused/poisoned, as it will likely kill it. If you want, there is always the Master Ball, if you are willing to waste it. Otherwise just keep on using Timer balls, Ultra Balls, etc
If you are having trouble, here is a video on catching Groudon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg3H62bRzo8
(P.S. Keep in mind that it is a legendary, therefore making it harder to catch.) HTH :D

Heavy balls might be good because it weights 2094.4 lbs. It worked for me.

PS- Groudon knows Rest.
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