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I just beat Red in SS (HG is my main game) and Mr. Pokemon won't give me the orb. I forgot exactly what you do.

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Tell me about it! lvl Charizard+lvl 100 Swampert=Unable To Stop Trainer
Good team, although I think too many Flying types (I shouldn't be complaining had Charizard, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno on my main team in one of my Red version games.) Ampharos is such a great Pokemon, I like Golem too, but I think Tyranitar is better.
Yeah, Add Mewtwo and Dragonite and you have my team of lvl 100s from my red before I lost it:(
I had Mewtwo and Onix.
@ swampert i have heartgold, soulsilver, white, platinum, getting black 2
heartgold is where i keep all of the important stuff, and i've restarted ss 3 times

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Once you have beaten Red, you need to get the starter from Prof. Oak. Then go to Mr. Pokemon and he should give you the red orb.

Thanks, I haven't gotten the Kanto starter yet in SS.