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This Q isn't actually answered correctly, lol.

No. Nintendo didn't make it that way, and probz never will.
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There have been a few rumours being spread around the internet that it will. I know that there is a map that shows a road leading off past anville town, but you can't get past it (some kind of subway map, i forget) and this may lead to a new area. But the likelyhood of them adding a whole new region on would make the game too long because each region has seperate stories, unlike gold/silver and red/blue. I do however think that they will hint towards it a lot with 3rd gen pokemon in the game. I think nintendo want to make money, so they would make remakes for hoenn in a seperate game. It logically seems like the only way we will get hoenn again is in a ruby/sapphire remake :D

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i want them to make a game with all the regions
me to,I'v been planning a game like that in my head.
it would be awesome if they made a game called Ash version or something & u start in Pallet town & do all the things he did (like w/the GS ball) & be able to go through all of the regions.
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Well theres rumors about that, but nothing has been confirmed yet, some people think that the blue and red sparkly things in the box art mean something, personally, I think it's just the mix of kyurem's ice and Reshiram/Zekrom's Fire/Thunder.

hope i helped

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