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Obviously there are some pokemon that only evolve when traded and some that need held items.

Well, I heard that using the GTS can evolve them. Supposedly if you leave the pokemon in there for a day and take them out they will evolve upon returning.

So if for instance I entered a poliwhirl with a king's rock into the GTS and asked for a level 9 and under reshiram and took it out the next day will the poliwhirl evolve into politoad? or is this a bogus rumour?


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It's true, but only in Gen IV.
This should help.

But it doesn't work in Gen V ?  No fair! Oh well still pretty interesting, thanks!  Is it a glitch or is it supposed to happen and why did they take it out in Gen V ?
I'm pretty sure it's supposed to happen...not sure though, I'll try it out later.
Obviously the developers of the game wanted players to actually trade than do a method using the GTS!
It was probably something they missed and fixed in Generation V.