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I want to evolve my scyther and electabuzz but it has to be done through trading. Is there any way I can bypass this? Thank you.

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Unless you gen or cheat an Electivire into the game, no

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The thing is, unless you are playing on a emulator or have a GameShark/Action Replay machine and cheat/generate Scizor or Electivire into the game, you cannot get a Electivire/Scizor without trading. As to trading, you can use the GTS in Jubilife City and trade your Pokemon OR you can ask in the Chat Room here or any other Pokemon Forum for trades.
Due to the Wi-Fi shutdown, this feature is no longer officially supported as of today for all Generation IV and V games. However, unofficial support exists through fanmade custom servers which act as a replacement for the discontinued online features of these games, including the Poké Classic Network GTS. Kaeru WFC and Wiimmfi run the servers and DNS proxies necessary to access it, so by simply changing the Internet settings on your Nintendo DS, you can access online play again.

Kaeru WFC link: https://kaeru.world/projects/wfc

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Thanks! Would you be able to trade with me so that I can evolve my pokemon?
And the DS Pokémon games can't connect to the internet for online trades anymore after Nintendo Wifi Connection was shut down.
Yep, you cannot connect to the Nintendo Wifi connections nowadays, but you can use the fanmade servers that I have mentioned in my answer. You can check how to do all of that in the web.