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I went to some Japanese people's home in the Dream World and on their share shelves were many EV reducing berries (which I desperately am in need of) so I swapped literally as many as I could find.

Yet after looking up on Serebii and Bulbapedia it says you can't get them in the dream world. In fact I have read you can't even get them at all.

So is this something new or only something Japanese players can currently get and has anybody else found them?


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Yes, you can still get EV reducing berries in the Dream World. You can get the Aguav Berry,Grepa Berry,Hondew Berry,Kelpsy Berry,Pomeg Berry,Qualot Berry, and Tamato Berry
in Windswept Sky.

You need 2,500 DW points and 4 badges to get to Windswept Sky, you will see sparkling stars and when u click on the stars hopefully it will be one of those berries.

Hope this helps =P

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