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i have SS and i got it pre owned so no pokewalker for me<:-( anyway ive heard about routes and such so waht do you do with it. also can you get a growlthile on it?( yea i love them but cant get one because in dumb and didnt chaeck version exclusives)

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You send pokemon to it then you walk around with it in your pocket to collect watts;with those watts you can catch pokemon on the pokewalker,find items,or send the watts back to your game to get new routes. That basically it

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The pokewalker will allow you to transfer one Pokémon from your HeartGold & Soul Silver games onto Pokéwalker. The PokéWalker is also a pedometre, when you walk your Pokémon will slowly raise level and happiness.
This will allow you to raise your Pokémon without having your DS.

As you play on your PokéWalker, you will occassionally come across mini-games of sorts. These mini-games will also have an effect on your Heart Gold & Soul Silver games. One includes finding of items while you're walking. These include items such as Potions. You will also sometimes come across wild Pokémon while you play.

If you have anymore questions you should, look here :

I also do not have a pokewalker and i don't think you will be missing anything that will make a difference in the game in the long run.