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I suck at contest so I thought if I get pokerus my contest stats go to max power


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You get it from random wild Pokemon. However, it is very rare. You have about an equal chance of getting a shiny Pokemon as getting Pokerus. It doesn't help contest stats.

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Oh, did you come up with that or did some one tell you?
I got the Pokerus myself. Confused and worried about what it was, I looked it up on the Internet. This is how to get Pokerus.
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Just keep fighting wild pokemon and to find out is to check your pokemon's summary if there is a PKRS on the status it has it, remember if one has it in the party it will spread to the entire party. . .and remember it's hard to get it

hope this helps

I believe that it won't show Pokerus until you heal your Pokemon at a Pokecenter.
It will I had one with it and she told me after I saw it.