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So I added STAB to the normal 250.
I got 375.
I read the description and it says something about the defense thing.
I saw that the base power was multiplied by 2.
375 x 2 = 750.
Have I done this right? If a Lickilicky uses Explosion prior to Gen V will it have 750 base power?

but doesn't the base power be doubled before the stab?
That would still be the same. 250 x 2 = 500
Half of 500 is 250.
250 + 500 = 750.
No difference.

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Yes. You are correct.

I like you're Gravatar :)!
Oh, my gosh...  That would be INCREDIBLY useful for competitive battling, since he's the ONLY pokemon that can get Explosion STAB.
Jeez Mew, you always beat me to it!
plus, choice band that thing and watch anything on the field go boom