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reason im asking is because there are some pokemon who has good offense on both stats like metagross(135Atk/95SpAtk) but is rarely used as a mixed sweeper. But then why would most people prefer pokemon like Swampert or Houndoom for mixed sweepers? Swamperts sp atk really isnt that great and Houndoom's attack is just average. So give me a list of all pokemon who can act as a mixed sweeper even though it might not have the right stats for it(like swampert,houndoom)


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Mixed sweepers have both decent attack and special attack, but not as high as one focused in one single stat, and that is because their objective is to hurt the foe in their lowest def stat

Arcanine ( Overheat as special move )
Cloyster ( Still without shell smash can deal damage )
Gengar ( Sub-Puncher )
Salamence ( Draco Meteor )
Electivire ( Thunderbolt )

I remembered this, but let me do some research

Ok would you count Houndoom as a good mixed sweeper though?
Yep, you could use a Special set and Sucker Punch, so you can have priority to the last hit, counter is a good option for this poke too
Ok thanks!
I use reversal for Houndoom btw, because I like to suprise kill some blisseys when his Hp is low