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My current team is Cinderace, Dragonite, Rillaboom, Swampert, Togekiss, and Magnezone. I'm considering replacing Cinderace with a mixed set Blaziken for some extra Special Attacking power. Is this is a good idea, or am I better off sticking with Cinderace or trying out Volcarona?

What format/rules are you playing with?
Standard Singles Link battles on Pokemon Shield, maybe the occasional ranked stuff
A mixed set isn’t the best idea (in pretty much any situation) as there are only so many EVs you can focus on. Better for it to be really good at one or the other rather than mediocre at both.
Let me tell you: it doesn't matter that special attackers ratio = physical attackers ratio. 1:5 is bad but 2:4 completely alright

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In SS Singles, there is absolutely no reason to run a mixed Blaziken set. It is best to either run completely Physical or Special Sweeper sets for Blaziken. With having great Special Attack and Attack Stats plus Speed Boost and amazing coverage, it is best to utilize that On only one side of the spectrum to make Blaziken hit as hard as possible. Due to this, and all of Smogon's sets that are Sweepers run fully Physical or Special sets, it's best to do fully Special or Physical sets.

However, there are niche scenarios where you could run mixed. These mostly involve being able to lure in some of Blaziken's checks (e.g. Hippowdon) and hitting them with a move like Overheat, OHKOing them.

So, there are some situations where Mixed Blaziken can be somewhat viable, but running fully Special or Physical is much more reliable and is the option that I prefer.

Source: https://www.smogon.com/dex/ss/pokemon/blaziken/battle-stadium-singles/