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Manectric has the offensive pivot moveset, while this is blaziken s

Blaziken @Blazikenite Jolly nature
High Jump Kick
Flare Blitz

You should post questions like these in RMT.

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Blaziken has a amazing ability, speed boost. That makes Balziken faster in every turn. And it's become hard to revenge kill it.
It also has a offensive typing, fire and fighting
It has access to Sword dance, that can raise it's attack. Blaziken can also learn Baton Pass, that pass it's all star changes. Blaziken has 120 and 110 base Attack and Sp.Attack. It has Brave bird, Flare blitz, Bulk up,Blaze kick and Stone Edge.
While Manecteic has a good Sp.Attack and Speed and some good special move like Overheat, Volt Switch, But I would prefer to use Mega Blaziken.
However, Mega Blaziken isn't much bulky, so you may get killed by priority attacker.

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Thanks for this! However for that last sentence, protect can easily be used to predict priority moves, boosting speed again and in a way scouting
Actually, Priority move always move fast regardless of your speed
You forgot about the move earthquake mx friend.
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sigh sadly as much love as I have for that huggable fire chicken blaziken and that sweet mega AND that it was so good smogon banned it I have to give it to Manetric. Because it all boils down to this it is absolutely terrible without it's special ability speed boost where he get's faster as the game goes on but is so well known and so widespread it's just to predictable because you can almost be certain that your opponents fire chicken will come out with that priority swords dance then that ultimate priority protect get the 4 stat boosts before your opponent even makes a move and then just sweep but it is so damn common now it's easy to setup for that and the only reason that he is still good even with his main strategy being so exploitable is because the raw power of his sp.atk and mega because no matter how well your set up you can not stop that last resort overheat.

Source: I'm secretly a Blaziken (or I have trained 7 of them to level 100) you chose.

It's less predictable because it's been a viable option  a lot shorter than blaziken you wouldn't be caught dead with a manetric before it's mega you would have gone scarf jolteon if anything
I'm pretty sure viability only matters when you're dealing with opponents that are experienced enough to know that mega Manectric exists. People who are complete noobs and people who still think it's 2012 can be beaten very easily by both Blaziken and Manectric.
But your a pronoun for specifics right I saw you on the average moves learned question.and I did the mental math looked at stats did a double check because you put the pressure on. and yes sure completely matched when it comes to noobs right? So you got to go farther up the line till one slips you go to the experienced players the people who would laugh there %#* off if you said that pikachu was the star of your competitive battle team because this is where viability? Matters.
And when you are faced with this maybe by just a little. maybe by just the whisker of a skitty. Manectric is the one that will put down the trump card today even if just by a nose.
But Blaziken's stats, offensive typing, and ability are better than Manectric's by a whole lot more than a nose. Why would you use Manectric and maybe win by just a little when you can use Blaziken and win regardless of anything that "maybe" happens?
His stats are better but that is minuscule if you train Manectric correctly and his typing isn't better if anything there equal on weaknesses an automatic perk of being an electric type it also helps that his ability makes it so ground types don't want to get in there and mess with it helps that if is put in a situation like this it can volt switch or jam out with hidden power and not "maybe happen" if some one caught what you were doing they could use defog and put you to sleep