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It says that in Chargestone Cave Magneton evolves into Magnezone,but when I went in it didn`t evolve.Is there a special place you must go or something?Cause I really want my Magnezone!!

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Level it up inside the Chargestone Cave if you have not already. You have to level it up for it to evolve. Very hard if Magneton is like level 52 or something, so I's suggest bringing a Rare Candy.

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o yes I should have thought of that!
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Well, you need to level up your Magneton. For example: if your Magneton is at Lv.65, you must get it to Lv.66 INSIDE Chargestone Cave. So train your Magneton by putting into battle or using an Ex.Share and defeat some Pokemon inside Chargestone Cave until it go to the next level.

Hope this helped. :3

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