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Like the sleep clause, moves that lower accuracy or raise evasiveness(I personally dont think this should be banned), using uber pokemon for ou battles etc
Does everyone who is going to battle competitively have to follow these rules or only if your following smogon rules?

Ex:Like I used my gligar with sand attack


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I'll go through the list:

  • Sleep Clause: Almost everyone uses this, or esle Spore would be making every Pokemon go to sleep, setting up for a easy sweep. ALL.
  • Ubers in OU battles: Banned. ALL.
  • Moves that lower accuracy: These are generally not allowed, so ALL. Besides, if you have +6 Evasion, it'd be hard to hit you. to be fair though, no.

So the ones you listed are usually for ALL battles.

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ok how about KO moves like guillotine? I know its banned but its accuracy is crap so would i be able to use them in regular battles?