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I know that there are items and Pokemon you cant use when battling a friend with XY, but can anyone tell me all the Pokemon, and items? I want to know which I can keep and which to replace when I battle my Pokemon X friend.

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Mega Sceptile
Mega Swampert
Mega Beedrill
Mega Pidgeot
Mega Slowbro
Mega Steelix
Mega Sableye
Mega Sharpedo
Mega Camerupt
Mega Altaria
Mega Glalie
Mega Salamence
Mega Metagross
Mega Lopunny
Mega Gallade
Mega Audino
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Diancie
Primal Kyogre
Primal Groudon
Hoopa Unbound
Note: By mega I mean you cannot have the mega or the mega stone/orb
I forgot moves and items
New Mega Stones
Dragon Ascent
Precipice Blades
Origin Pulse
Hyperspace Fury

and Knowledge

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Yay, my answer was chosen!
Why is mega Diancie on it? i thought it was made in Kalos
Diancie was in X/Y, Mega Diancie was introduced in ORAS
Some of it is false. You can use Mega [email protected] when using the Kalos Rules