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The team is as follows:

Espeon(shiny)   Darkrai(event).    Genesect
Dream Eater.    Dark void.         Bug bizz
Future Sight.   Dark pulse.        Technoblas
Protect.        Phantom force      Flamethrower
Psychic.        Dream eater.       Zap cannon

Amoonguss(shiny)  Thundurous.      Mewtwo
Giga drain.       Thunder.         Trick room
Protect.          Thrash.          Psystike
Spore.            Hammer arm.      Psychic
Clear smog.       Dark pulse.      aurasphere 

Items: mewtwonite Y, Sitrus berry, Lum berry, black sludge, chill drive Plz Help

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Is this in the battle spot? Did you catch and raise all of the Pokémon yourself?
I think you're more likely to get a better and faster answer if you ask here. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/forum-rules-and-simple-questions-answers.3587191/
No this is just for a friendly match?
The asker isn't using any Pokemon, moves or items listed in that thread, though.
Where was the Genesect from? What are your levels?

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I am afraid you can’t, unless you choose different Pokémon. I tried it with Mewtwo as well, and it did not qualify. In other words, some legendaries will not qualify.
Only if I found out so far, Moltres or the other 2 legendary birds will qualify.
But any other Pokémon will qualify.
Source: Experience from my file of Y

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Is there a list of Pokémon that can and can't be taken in? There usually is.