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Effect of Gluttony:

>When this Pokemon has 1/2 or less of its maximum HP, it uses certain Berries early.

Effect of Sitrus Berry:

>Restores 1/4 HP when at 1/2 max HP or less. Single use.

Gluttony virtually does nothing to help quicken usage of Sitrus Berry.
Why do people use Gluttony and Sitrus Berry on the same moveset (in competitive battles)?


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You're right in that it doesn't have any effect.

HP restoring berries activate at 50% anyway, so Gluttony doesn't have any effect.

I think your mistake is thinking that people regularly run that set, I never seen one and I had a quick check on Smogon and none of the Pokemon that have Gluttony as an ability use Sitrus berry with it in their sets.

Are you sure you've seen this and if so are you sure it wasn't just a new player not understanding?

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Oh k.. its because I see some sets on Pokemon Database that run Gluttony + Sitrus Berry
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Gluttony makes the Pokemon eat its berry when their health drops by 25%. Therefore, the Pokemon will be at 75% health when the Sitrus Berry is used, not 50% health.

Wait i'm a bit confused by your answer...???
Do you mean that the health drops to 25%??
I think you misread my question.
I know the effects.. but why would they run both if the effects are redundant?
because it would use the sitrus berry when it hits 75%, instead of the usual 50%. this is for bulky pokemon that maybe lose 15% in the first hit, but want enough health to survive the next switch in?