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I was wondering, because Iron Ball and Lagging Tail are pretty much the same, there aren't many differences between them. Also, if there are any, what are they?

Iron ball doubles weight, whereas macho brace halfs speed and doubles evs
Uhh no Iron ball halves speed, it does not effect weight (this has been proven). Lagging tail forces the user to go last. There is no item that increases weight.
Oh my bad but lagging tail still gives you -7 priority which not the same as having half speed.
Correct. Like it says in the description "Forces holder to go last"

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Here are some that have SIMILAR effects:

  • Sitrus and Enigma Berry: Both restore 1/4 of your HP. Sitrus activates at low health, while Enigma activates when your Pokemon is hit by a super effective attack.
  • Plates: Boost move that are the same type to the corresponding plate.
  • Choice Specs, Scarf, Band: Raise SAtk, Spd, and Atk respectively by 50%.
  • Gems: Raises the power of a move that is the same type as the gem. Disappears after use.
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Exp. Share/Lucky Egg: both give Exp. Points to a Pokemon holding it even if they did not battle
Any Type-Enhancing Item (for example, Mystic Water)/Corresponding plate (Splash Plate in the case of the Mystic Water): Both boost moves of the corresponding type by 20%.
Lucky Punch/Stick: Boost critical hit ratio by two stages, however, the Lucky Punch only works on Chansey and the Stick only works on Farfetch'd.
Leftovers/Black Sludge: Restore 1/16 of Maximum HP each turn; Black Sludge only works on Poison-types, if held by any other Pokemon 1/16 of Maximum HP is reduced.
Amulet Coin/Luck Incense: Doubles a battle's prize money.
Super Potion/Fresh Water/EnergyPowder: Restore 50 HP.
Full Heal/Lava Cookie/Old Gateau/Heal Powder/Casteliacone: Cure any Status ailment(Poison, Burn, etc.).
Hyper Potion/Energy Root: Restore 200 HP.
Max Revive/Revival Herb: Revive a Pokemon and fully restore HP.
Hope I helped (-o-)

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