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I am looking for the best mixed wall, and so far I am torn between Ferrothorn and Cofagrigus. They both have 2 weaknesses. Ferrothorn has a lot of resistances but Cofagrigus has a good movepool. I also need a crippler, and Cofagrigus is good with that. Which should I use? Please also give a good moveset with your answer.


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Weaknesses 2: Fighting and Fire, Fire is a 4x weakness. Fighting and Fire are some of the most common offensive moves.

Resistances 10: Water, Normal, Electric, Psychic, Grass, Rock, Steel, Ghost, Dragon, and Steel, Grass is a 4x resistance. Rock resistance also means Stealth-rock resistance.

Immunity 1: Poison, immunity to Toxic is nice

Stat review: High Defense and S.Defense, good Attack, and decent HP. Low S.Attack and pathetic speed stat.

Movepool: A very good Walling and Tank movepool

Crippling ability: Good, usually does so with Thunder-wave or Leech-seed

Competitive usability: He is one of the most used Pokemon in competitive.

I have found this set most effective.
Item: Leftovers or Rocky-helmet
Ability: Iron-barbs
Nature: Careful
EVs: 252 Defense, 200 S.Defense, 58 Attack

Leech-seed: Healing and damaging
Thunder-wave: Crippling
Power-whip: STAB
Stealth-rock or Spikes: Entry hazard


Weaknesses 2: Dark and Ghost. These are common offensive moves.

Resistances 2: Poison and Bug. Poison is not a very common offensive type but Bug is fairly common

Immunities 2: Fighting and Normal. Fighting is one of the most common offensive move types and Normal is used frequently for neutral damage.

Stat review: HUGE Defense, and High S.Defense and S.Attack that can be boosted by Calm-mind. Low Hp, and Attack, Pathetic speed.

Movepool: Good for walling and Tanking

Crippling ability: Will-o-wisp is very useful

Competitive usability: One of the best UU Walls and can also be used in OU.

Set: There are lots, try here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/13549/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-cofagrigus

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I hope I helped :) Though remember choose which ones fits into your team best. Example: If your team is weak to Fighting choose Cofagrigus.
thanks. here i am 8 months after your answer, but it still helps :)
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about defence, cofagrigus has higher def than ferrothorn but lower about sp.def. cofagrigus has higher sp.atk than ferrothorn but lower about atk... ferrothorn defence good but if it meet fire type, it's gonna X4 cause grass and steel are not good to against fire... but poison no affect to it, so it can't get poison... then cofagrigus ghost type afraid of dark and ghost but normal and fighting no affect... so these two are tough one to choose. cofagrigus can learn fire move to fight against ferrothorn, ferrothorn can learn dark move to against back cofagrigus... ferrothorn has 2 power full skill but both normal so useless those skill... cofagrigus has ability munny can spread out so ability of ferrothorn no use... cofagrigus has skill destiny bond, if it faint , the enemy that it chose... faint too... so reckless so this is your choice.
my choice is cofagrigus...
destinybond : so the opponent use dark or ghost type, die together
shadow ball : pretty much damage
psychic : pretty much damage
curse or what ever you want to learn, giga impact or hyper beam...

interest : cofagrigus can learn attract but ferrothorn can't. this maybe good.