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With Ferrothorn being a defensive wall, this means that 1) it's special defense is it's biggest weakness, and 2) covering a weakness seems pointless due to low speed and average (at best) attack. Moreover, it doesn't seem to have many attacks that could even cover a fire weakness, bulldoze and rollout being its only options. Not only that but most fire-type moves are special attacks anyway. In which case, should I even bother? What should I do if I'm up against a fire-type?

The answers below will be helpful for allowing Ferrothorn itself cover the weakness, but in a competitive scenario at least, I personally find the best option is to simply switch out. Ferrothorn shouldn't stay in against Pokemon with Fire-type moves at all, even if it is equipped to take them on. They will still likely beat Ferrothorn 1v1; its weakness is huge even with an Occa Berry, and Ferrothorn doesn't have the powerful attacks required to make it worth taking the hit. (Its best option to hit Fire Pokemon for super effective damage has only 60 base power!)
Man no u can probably have a WT-Type in ur team let ferrothorn focus on whats he meant to do set up rocks and maybe kill fairy's with iron moves or just defense up and toxic is also a possibility like

Nature: Bold
Stealth Rock

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you can make it hold an occa berry to protect it from a fire move, give it sandstorm or bulldoze (learned by TM) and you might as well teach it rollout. thats to protect it from fire moves at least. to pretect is normally teach it harden by level up (learns at lvl 1) and iron defense. (lvl 26) since ferrothorn has bad speed teach it gyro ball since you said fire TYPE it won't be very effective but it has a power depending on the speed compared to the opponent so.. do that. anyways hope I helped! :D

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Thank you to all the answers! All very helpful!
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The best thing to do if you face a fire type move would probably be to have your Ferrothorn hold an Occa berry. It halves a fire type moves damage, and you can't get surprised if a fire type move does come your way. Of course, the downside is that it's one-time-only, but hopefully youre able to switch out to a Pokemon better suited to take on fire types.

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