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is it possible to breed both Leech Seed & Seed Bomb
onto Ferrothorn at the same time?

If so which pokemon is compatible and what gender Ferrothorn?



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Bulbasaur, Sunkern, Shroomish and Breloom learns both Seed Bomb and Leech Seed by leveling up.
Exeggcute learns Leech Seed by leveling up and Exeggcutor learns Seed Bomb By leveling up.

To get a Ferrothorn with Seed Bomb and Leech Seed, get a male pokemon that knows Seed Bomb and Leech Seed that is capable of breeding with ferrothorn (listed above) and get a Female Ferrothorn and put them in the day care.

Also check out Ferrothorn egg moves page and the Breeding page.
Those might help.

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2.The following pokemon can be bred with Ferrothorn with the moves Leech Seed and Seed Bomb:Bulbasaur, Sunkern, Shroomish, Breloom.
3.Have a female Ferrothorn and a male of whatever you choose to breed Ferrothorn with and put them in the Day-Care.Bike around for a while and the old man in front of the Day-Care will give you an egg.Just hatch the egg.

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