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please tell me like,which entrance to use and which way to go.Please help!!!!!


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  1. Enter Mt. Coronet from the entrance on Route 207. You will enter a cave on the second floor of the mountain.

  2. Enter the doorway in the northwest corner of the cave. It leads to a very small room that only has a set of stairs. Climb the stairs to reach the next floor.

  3. Walk through the room to reach the exit on the west side. This takes you outside onto the surface of Mt. Coronet.

  4. Climb all the way up the rock wall to the northeast that appears to be made of loose rocks. Use a Pokemon with the "Rock Climb" skill to climb.

  5. Follow the path northeast until you see two more sections of wall made of loose rocks.

  6. Climb the west rock wall with the Rock Climb skill.

  7. Enter the cave to your west. It is the only entrance on this side of Mt. Coronet and the path leads straight to it.

  8. Climb the stairs on the east side of the cave to reach the next floor.

  9. Climb the stairs in the southwest corner of the cave to reach the next floor.

  10. Walk out the exit on the north side of the cave. You have reached the Spear Pillar at the peak of Mt. Coronet.


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How do you open the secret door?