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My team right now:

Empoleon Lv. 39
Gabite Lv. 39
Kadabra Lv. 39
Staraptor Lv. 40
Luxray Lv. 40
Roserade Lv. 38


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I'm sure it's possible to beat them with those levels--they're pretty much identical to the levels I had at the end of the league--but victory will probably be a very grindy affair with lots of switching, especially between Luxray and Staraptor to pile on the Intimidate drops. Depending on the benchmark you had in mind, such as being able to KO Purugly in two hits while taking back anything it can dish out in return over those turns, you might need to set a higher target if you want the battles to go smoothly enough to hit those benchmarks.

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In the multi-battle with Jupiter and mars, their highest level Pokemon are level 46.
Source 1
In the battle with cyrus, his highest level Pokemon is 48.
Source 2
Giratina is level 47.
Source 3
With all of this taken into account, I would say you need to level up your team about 5-ish levels. If you want, you can reach level 48 on all of your mons, but realistically, I think that level 45 for each works perfectly fine.

Where I can grind?
Literally anywhere. But the best places are on the route with the mansion and using the VS seeker

Source: oak challenge
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