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In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Commander Mars' Purugly is Level 16 when you Battle her for the First time at the Valley Windworks and the Database says Glameow Doesn't evolve into Purugly until it's Level 38. What's up? :/


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Well she isn't the only trainer who has an evolved Pokemon when she shouldn't. Lance, Ghetsis and Iris are just a few others.

The reason that these trainers have these "illegal" Pokemon is simply to give you more of a challenge while still using a more intimidating Pokemon against you. It also makes the player feel more motivated to take the opponent down because they have a Pokemon that the trainer cant have. In this case, the creators also wanted her to stand out between similar galactic grunts also using glameows, so she wouldn't be too easy and ordinary.

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I know she's not the only person that has an Underleveled Pokemon I was just curious and the Wild Hydreigons in Pokemon X/Y's Victory Road are also illegal too. They appear around Level 55-59 even though Hydreigon is Suppose to Evolve at Level 65. Thanks for Helping Me :)
Super old but my burning hatred for her won't let me not commrnt, she also gives you exactly 666 exp in platinum becuase shes level 17. With such a minute change in levels I can only assume it was on purpose.